Tooth Crown


Dental Crowns

When the destruction of the natural tooth is more, a crown may be required. Most teeth after a root canal require a crown to reinforce the existing structure.

The centre of the tooth is known as the pulp and is the region which houses the nerves and blood vessels. This keeps the tooth alive. When the pulp gets infected or inflamed a root canal treatment is advised to save the tooth. The infected pulp is removed and the canal cleaned thoroughly.

The tooth is prepared depending on the crown type selected by you. An impression is taken which is sent to the dental laboratory. Our lab technicians use ceramic to mimic your existing teeth and give a life like finish to the crown. Trials may be required to check the fit, shape and colour of the crown. Once both, our expert dentists and you are satisfied with the crown we go ahead and finalise the polish and then eventually fit the crown with cement best suited.

Today CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Design) is used to manufacture the crown. This results in a better fit and makes the crown last longer. We advice opting for the CAD-CAM crowns which come in with a warranty from the labs. Crowns may be Metal Fused to Ceramic or All Ceramic. Depending on your condition, we advice you what’s best for you.